Monday, March 23, 2009

Paralyzed Man-An Acorn? 4WL

Today's Readings

First, notice how John's writing carries with it words of Jesus that reflect the "medical malady because of sin," mentioned earlier, notion prevalent at the time. When Jesus later saw the healed man, he said to him, "Look, you are well; do not sin any more, so that nothing worse may happen to you." Scripture scholars maintain that the directive, "do not sin anymore" refers to something of an admonition. The sin John speaks of is the "sin of not believing in Jesus" (The New Jerusalem Biblical Commentary 61:75).

How can this event and some of Dr. Dyer's reflection on intention might provide a new insight into our faith, our belief in God and the power that he has given to his creation. A man paralyzed for at least 38 years can teach us something of this power of intention and God's creation.

Dyer maintains that everything and everyone "has intention built into it." Break open an acorn. What do you find? Certainly nothing like the 40-60 foot tall oak tree. Yet, we know the intention given that acorn by its Creator will result in the forest giant. Those inner elements of every acorn will fulfill their purpose or intention sprouting a root, sucking up life and energy from the earth. So, too, with you and me and the paralyzed man at Bethsaida's pool.

The same intention source that developed the mighty oak has given us access to intention. "In the moment of our conception ... life in physical form begins, and intention directs the growth process." We can ask about its moment of starting. In that very moment of conception what we will become in intended. The marvel of it all is that there was "no particle at the source." Our Source, which is the intention that God had for us from before we were initiated into our life's journey, is the divine energy that is invisible and responsible for us. This, too, may be made clearer. Often we say in God's world there is no time and place as we think as humans. In our limiting human experience, we try to make God's power and energy gift as coming from "the placeless place," we call intention, God's intention. It is that "intention" that made you and me grow, to become who and what we are.

A question Dyer puts to us: "So, if intention determines everything in the universe and is omnipresent, meaning there's no place that it's not, then why do so many of us feel disconnected from it so frequently? And even more important, if intention determines everything, then why do so many of us lack so much of what we'd like to have?" My question to myself and you: Isn't this the story of the paralyzed man? Do we not recognize or realize the great power of intention within us? Maybe we have not understood this unusual reality from our trying to know God and his power he had as well as his love for us. The paralyzed man didn't know the power of intention given to him by God, the power to be what God intended for him. Do we?