Thursday, June 18, 2009

10th Anniversary of the Death of London's Cardinal Basil Hume

The following words, penned by Cardinal Hume in 1994, a genuinely human and compassionate Benedictine monk who was elected a Cardinal to serve the Archdiocese of Westminster (London) continue to be strong reminders of the challenges we confront in our modern world. Thanks to for yesterday, the words are available to us. I suggest a read of the entire homily given at the anniversary Mass might be a source of calm, a source of inspiration. See Whispers

To go in search of God requires effort and a measure of self-discipline and self-denial. The voice of God does not speak dramatically, as in a hurricane, or an earthquake, or a fire, but calls to us gently in the very depth of our being. To hear the voice of God demands some solitude, silence and stillness. In our society today there is too much noise, both around and within us, and the quiet voice of God becomes stifled. But in a moment of gentle stillness, God not only reveals something of himself, but he transforms us, too. So if God exists, it is the most fundamental truth of all. It changes everything. It cannot be both true and not matter.’ (‘The Hinterland of Freedom: Morality and Solidarity’, The Month, March 1994)