Friday, June 19, 2009

Begin the "Year of the Priest"

Today we begin a year-long journey for the priests of the world ... all the priests --- parish priests, religious order priests, missionary priests, teaching priests, contemplative priests, priests who work in offices related to so many different missions and especially the elderly, retired priests who are spending the final years of their lives praying for the Church, their final assignment.

I invite and petition all who read this post today to join me today and each of the next 364 days offering a prayer, no matter how short nor long, for the men who have "heard the call" to serve the people of God through a priestly vocation.

A Prayer for Priests

Lord Jesus Christ
our great High Priest
continue to bless our brothers
who are giving their lives
for the service of your people.
From sunrise to sunrise,
from north to south, east to west
your priests have one mission:
to bring your love
to all they serve
through their priestly ministries.
Fill them with the joy
of your Holy Spirit.