Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michael, Archangel -- Perhaps Needed Again

"and the do not help me in what is good
while they are placed on earth."
(4th Century Apocalypse of Paul)
In the "Meditation of the Day" section for today (Magnificat) the line above appears. The fourth century writing is, of course, an apocryphal writing but the quotation above captured my attention this morning. In this early Christian writing --something new to me -- St. Michael is portrayed by the author as more than "defender in battle." This archangel serves as an intermediary for those in what we would call Hell and the whole human race.
The author's insight that Michael expects us to help him in his duties in preventing evil, in doing good. Have you ever thought of this particular relationship between yourself and St. Michael? Surely those my age recall that extension tacked on the end of every Mass as we prayed for the conversion of Russia, the perceived embodiment of Evil.
But the fourth century writer has an interesting point of view: this great archangel, special to the Church, might indeed rely on each of us to help bring about good in our world, in our times. Perhaps a little reflection on this presentation, this reality, this expectation may strengthen our efforts to work harder for the community of believers: work harder in avoiding sin in our lives.
If you have the time, take a look on the Internet for some increase in knowledge and for a sign post along our spiritual journey. It can be a sign post that opens up a deeper awareness of our baptismal duties to be concerned about one another and our Church by doing good, by preventing sin.