Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amazing Grace CEO Space Forum

This is the view from one side of the hotel-conference center where I am attending a Forum for CEO Space. The "amazing grace" that has come to all of us attending the Forum is bountiful. No gambling, no smoking, much talking with people from all over the world, and, please catch this: there has been a rare presenter who does not speak of the place of God in their lives and their journeys.
The people here are a wide range of entrepreneurs. They push the message that deep within each of us God has planted a plan, a mission. It is our duty to learn what that mission is for us and how it will help other people. This operation stands on three legs: learn, earn and return.
It is clear that capitalism that seems to have ruled the world until this past year has brought our nation and many others to their knees. Why? Because capitalism has become so competitive, so dog-eat-dog. The pushers of modern capitalism thought they could stand on two legs. They forgot the third leg. They learned their vision with great passion. They strove to earn as much money as possible. But then came the great mistake: greed, greed, greed entered the picture. And, as you know, greed cannot stand on the stage with return, with care of others, with charity, with reaching out to others. It became a program for self!
So, that's what I have been doing for this week. Starts each morning at 7:30 with table discussions over cereal and continues minimally until 10 PM. Each day is filled with coming to know that we have our community here, men and women who want to work as hard as we can to improve our planet.
I return to DC late Saturday evening to prepare for the upcoming Knights of the Holy Sepulchre annual meeting.
God be with you.