Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Friday: Jesus Forgot!

St. Margaret Mary Alocoque
Each year in June we celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart, a heart of love so intense that it was seen as a heart afire. Closely associated with this Visitandine sister was Jesuit Claude de la Columbiere. As spiritual director for the Sister, Father Claude, now Saint Claude, told her to ask Jesus when he next appeared to her what his most serious sin as a young man. In time Sister Margaret Mary was visited by Jesus in an appearance afterward. She asked Jesus Father Claude's question. Tradition has it that Jesus responded "I forgot." St. Paul's words in today's reading give us some thought: "Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not record." St. Luke in his gospel recorded Jesus saying "Do not fear."

Today, who of us, whether we like it or not, have become so technologically conditioned by our culture, that we demand to know. We want to see immediate results. Push a remote control button and we can see live events almost anywhere in the world. Is this the reality that undermines our faith, our desire to trust God? Do we fully understand the gift when we hear Jesus say "Your sin? I have forgotten them! You are the object of my intense love that sees beyond them." Do I live with this belief in my heart, my not so sacred heart? This feast is an invitation to you: "Would you come to me with your love? Do not be afraid. I have forgiven your sins by my suffering and death. Do not be afraid. Only be afraid of what the Evil one can do to separate you from me in a lashing way. Let the love I have for you never fail to draw me to you."