Sunday, October 18, 2009

For Monday: Fiathful Followersu

Saints Isaac Jogues and John de Brebeuf, SJ

Recently our Church has celebrated days honor some of the "great" on our calendar of saints. Some have called these days as a prelude to November 1st, All Saints Day. Today the honorees are no less to be noted for their heroism, their endurance, their fidelity. Isaac and John and their collaborators are a part of the our American Church's early history. The challenges in settling the new country beyond those encountered when doing something totally new in a territory that was inhabited by other human beings who were not happy with the intruders were caused by their faith. Missionaries were a threat even though they came to bring the Good News. Their loyalty to their faith earned for them membership in the community of martyrs.

Who of us can endure the torture of martyrdom? Their vision, their passion to preach the Word of God brought them to the altar of sacrifice. They believed with great firmness. They would not step back from their commitment no matter what the temptation.

In our times there is martyrdom. How many are the times, the situations, that challenge us to back away from our commitment to our faith. Modern society poses ways of living that are like magnets, pulling us away from our faith. It is the strength of our ancestors in faith that should encourage us in those moments of temptation.