Friday, October 2, 2009

A Great Insurance Policy: No Fees

Feast of the Guardian Angels

Apologies for yesterday's silence. Blogs may be inconsistent for the next week: attending a conference in Henderson, NV for the week.

Today, in addition to the feast of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, the Church celebrates a day honoring the Guardian Angels. Their primary purpose, of course, is to praise and worship God in his heavenly kingdom. Additionally these heavenly creations serve as an expression of God's genuine care for each of us.

In our times all of us are facing the very expensive outlay of long term health insurance. Even in my Archdiocese it is now a reality for all priests: all must purchase a long-term health policy. But all of us realize that we live longer but not necessarily healthier years. Nonetheless we will pay as much as we can afford to have such insurance.

This feast reminds me that in a way God provides an insurance policy for each of us. He has promised always to be with us. In a way he has assigned an agent to watch over us: his angels, my guardian angel for each of us individually. How many reading this blog and others, how many seek the assurance of the divine insurance each day? It is not expensive, you know: only a minute or two each day in prayer with that heavenly agent who handles your policy!

These are the words of your Church in today's Eucharistic Liturgy for the Guardian Angels: God our Father, in your loving providence, you send your angels to watch over us. Hear our prayers, defend us always by their protection and let us share your life with them forever. Amen.

Long-term health insurance, medicare and medicaid take care of our bodies. Today's feast is a calling to invest in a policy to care for your soul. Each day spend time with your guardian angel: give the angel a name! Make it real! Don't forget, your angel will not require one cent of your funds only one or two minutes each day. Can you find a better option!