Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eagerness for the will of God!

In the closing prayer from yesterday's Divine Office, the Office of Readings, there were a few words that continued to spring to my mind throughout the day and even this morning.

Increase our (my) eagerness to do your will

In particular the word "eagerness" captured my attention as I read the prayer and as I considered the words of the petition: I cannot say that I think of doing the will of God with "eagerness." I know I try to live my life with attentiveness to the will of God. I also know that even as I grow older, I find myself discovering how the will of God manifests itself in different ways that I have never considered.

With the sentiment of the petition, look at the picture ... from a Nevada site. There are at least five layers or levels that go out from me and you, the viewers. The upfront greenery to the far distant mountain range. These levels do offer me this thought: Attention to the will of God in my life, probably in your life, deals with levels. Some days the will of God is right before me and I want to go up to it. Then there are days when I can hardly see the will of God for myself.

The photo does offer a wonderful moment or two of opening up in prayer to the will of God.