Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Monday: The Graces of Happenstance!

Happenstances can alter your life ... if you are wise enough to take the opportunities these events offer. Today's gospel records such an event. True happenstance = being in the right place and at the right time. Surely the blind man sitting along the Jericho road found out what happenstance could become in his lifetime. Image the reaction of those who refused to help him get to meet Jesus and those who did get him close to Jesus when Jesus said your faith has brought you healing. Surely there has to be mixed emotions.

Now think back into your life: how many happenstances have been put on a platter before you but were rejected because "I am too busy"? Bishops and Pastors take note!! Or how many happenstance instances were there when you felt no desire to try an help the person seeking assistance." These were rejections to people who needed your help, your guidance, your willingness just to be the ear that refused to shut down when there is an uncomfortable feeling. These turned out to be moments when the happenstance was rejected and a brighter day, a sense of relief, an inner joy was blocked by your response.

Probably more often than not we reject happenstances that could possibly lead others to Jesus Christ himself. Perhaps there would have been a moment when Jesus would have said to that person ... your faith has saved you. Would you want to meet God who would ask you why you didn't reach out to the person who had great need?

No doubt that happenstance can easily be judged as God helping you discover his plan for you at this particular time, in these particular circumstances.

And remember this: happenstance demands a very definitive boldness and vulnerability. Are you strong enough to recall at the end of each day how you house have been set up so that you can respond affirmatively to the happenstance moment!