Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday: First Week of Advent - 2009

Today we here Jesus starting fresh ... calling some of his band of followers. Isn't this what Jesus is saying to us at the beginning of each Advent season: look who is inviting you to walk with him.

You initiated another Advent yesterday. The question today is this: Did you write down for yourself in specific terms what it would be that you would do to make this Advent season different? Different in what way, you might ask?

Like resolutions that are made on December 30th or 31st, unless you take the time and planning to be specific, when you are two or three days from the day you made a resolution, the grand idea that you had will be so far away you might not remember it.

Today, write down in simple language and with specific words what you want to do to make this Advent so special for yourself. An example might be this: To better celebrate Christmas this year, each day of Advent I will read to myself on several occasions my hope for the season: My goal for this Advent is to set aside ten minutes each day, in a quite place, to see myself fulfilling a resolution for the month. I will take the time to read the gospel reading of the day four times, each time very slowly. Then for five minutes I will sit in quiet ... letting the Spirit speak to me from the words I have just read ... and I will write down one sentence that sums my thoughts.

Photo by: Suebeeduebee