Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday: How Many Does It Take????

How many people does it take to make YOUR Thanksgiving Dinner????

St Paul's words of gratitude to a variety of people, as he concludes the letter to the Romans, is a reminder that scarcely a moment occurs without different people involved out front and behind the scenes. Health care is foremost in many discussions this morning, especially on Capitol Hill. Behind the members of the House of Representatives, behind surgeons, school principals, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, yes, even behind pastors and the writers of blogs stand many who work in a wide variety of ways to accomplish a common mission. This is what Paul recognized in these final verses of the Romans' letter.

Paul's words are a message of hope shining out to each person: you are not insignificant. There are many people who assist in whatever needs you may have or have had. Earlier this morning I read about a man who had a knee operation, as did a close friend of mine just last week. Both of these men mentioned the first names of almost 15 people each man came to know by name as well as the unnamed behind the immediate care that was given.

It is easy at times to think "I am just a nobody." How important can one person be if the total community is in the millions? Do you really want to know? Well, in the mind of God, you are a very unique individual, you are special. Imagine, if you have the time, all those who were involved in your birth: from the moment of conception until ... well, until now, until this very moment that you are reading these words. This community of your personal support staff is the team God put together not solely to care for you. God put "your team" together and will continue to build it until you die when another team takes over ... praying for you and all the souls of the faithful departed!

God has gathered "your team" so that you could discover and fulfill the mission, the purpose, the intention, he had for you when he brought you into this world. Now, really, isn't this an awesome thought, a genuine truth? Is there any other reason than this that would bring the writer of the psalms to give us these words: "I will praise your name forever, Lord"? This man got it!

And you? Have you ever included "your team" in your prayers of thanksgiving? Just as the picture puts before you two of the many that put together a large family Thanksgiving Dinner each year for each person who shares the table. Why? Because YOU are important.