Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday: First Week of Advent -- 2009

Let the shadows be forsaken:
The time has come for us to waken
And to the Day our lives entrust.

Return to a principle of psychology which St. Bernard, a genuinely holy man makes so evident long before the great minds of science described it. The reality is the truly powerful tool available to each of us, free of any charge. Autosuggestion: an influencing of one's own attitudes, behavior or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought.

St. Bernard wrote these words in an Advent sermon:
One who loves (God) will keep God's word ....
I have hidden your word in my heart so that I man
not sin against you.... Let it (God's word) enter into your heart,
your very being, your whole way of life.
Feed on goodness, your soul will delight in its riches.

Advent season the beginning of the Church's calendar year, offers an opportunity especially to establish, to rebuild or to strengthen one's spiritual life, one's spirituality. And it is precisely the practice that strengthens the subconscious into a more permanent state of awareness -- autosuggestion -- that will draw us ever closer to God, to a worthwhile existence and ultimately top a heartfelt peace in the heart:

Can you not ask this question: "Have I become so busy in whatever I do with the hours of each day that I give God hardly a thought in my awakened hours. While you may not be a monk or a cloistered sister, recall the tradition that continues in monastic or convent life today. At several times the tradition that continues in the cloistered life continues on today. Several times during the day these vowed religious stop their activities to pen their hearts to their creator God in quiet reflection or recited psalms and prayers. What are they doing? Simply stated: these men and women who have personal challenges like most people are building up their interior spiritual powers . They are strengthening the muscles of their inner selves so that a good response will come to moments of challenges. They are training their subconscious to respond as they wish in circumstances. They must, like you and me, see to it that they can respond to as they wish in circumstanced they meet. Like you and me, they want to lives that are peace-filled; like you and me they want to be happy.

Are you honest when evaluating your spiritual life? Do you even give this a thought beyond once or twice a week? You might consider following the following during these first weeks of the new Church year that can lay a stronger foundation for a real December 31st set of resolutions.

How often in my day do I take just three minutes to speak to God: (1) on the way to work; (2) at the end of your lunch break; (3) on your way home; and , (4) just before ending the day? Notice this: 3 minutes times 4 specific times results in 12 minutes of prayer and spiritual body building without any sweat or fees. Can you do this? How many excuses can you make to the contrary? Are you proud of this? It's Advent time: "Come, let us worship the Lord, the king who is to come."