Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday: 12-15-09 Can You Believe It???

Those who are parents and those who have taken care of younger people know well something of God's care for all of us. When a young person fails, she/he is not tossed out with the trash. Parents know they cannot do that. The young person is their flesh and blood.

We are in a similar situation with God. We are "children of God." We know from countless citations in the bible that we daily live under the protection of God through the care of the Holy Spirit. The gift of the Holy Spirit is God's "blessed assurance" that he will never abandon us. We often speak of our "guardian angel," another sign to us that God does care

Here's a thought that is truly astounding if we take a moment or two to let it sink into our hearts and speak to us: Jesus Christ paid such a price for our salvation and redemption that God could not take care of us. Can you imagine God not caring for you when he knows well what his Son would endure throughout his life but especially at the end for YOU, for YOU?

You might imagine this: there is an invisible tattoo on your body that reads "God made me. I am his."