Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday: Fourth Week of Advent = No Ordinary Night

It is coming soon ... perhaps sooner than many would like. But the birth of Jesus Christ came to our world to sanctify the ordinary. Just consider for a few moments what the life of Mary and Joseph was during the few days that precede the actual birth of Jesus Christ. There is everything so ordinary about this long heralded arrival of a Savior.

Consider the preparations that are made when the Pope or the President of the USA plans to be present at an event. Nothing ordinary in these moments.

Yet, the Son of God, whose birth had been spoken by prophets, comes to our earth in a most ordinary manner. Missing were any medical personnel -- whatever that might have been in Jesus' time -- not in attendance were other royalty or specialists of every kind. CNN, FOX, MSNBC and the regular TV stations were -- thankfully -- were not involved.

So ordinary was Christmas eve and Christmas morning that a pregnant Mary and a concerned Joseph could not land a room anywhere along the way. Silk sheets were not used to comfort the newly born Son of God: try hay or straw or some stable rags that the young couple gathered together to use for the birth of their son.

We often speak about the simplicity of the birth of God's son here on our earth. However, when we stop to reflect on the kind of circumstances that surrounded the birth of Jesus, the simplicity should call out to us to understand what Jesus is teaching all generations.

What does his simple birth speak out to you? God spoke to the shepherds before anyone else -- even before he spoke to theologians, kings, legislators and so forth. Again, what does the simplicity of the night we hallow each year speak out to you?