Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Again, It Is All About Us 12-27-2010

Sanctuary, Jesus the Divine Word Parish
Huntingtown, MD
Where it is all about the people of God!

Yes, the first reading is a reminder that it is all about us, God's people. For some men or women elected or appointed to positions of leadership in the office where they work, in our local communities, our parishes or congregations, state or national governments, or our institutional Church sometimes become more concerned about the trappings of their office. Very quickly the "others" realize that the leader's primary purpose is not themselves. Too often such leaders tend to create, consciously or unconsciously, monuments to themselves. Again this kind of person could be an office manager, a new Pastor or Principal, the head of a community organization, a government official of rank or distinction.

There is something about human nature that can draw leaders away from those they were elected or chosen to serve, to lead. This is the message of God to the prophet Samuel for delivery to Nathan. Concern to build a magnificent house for the Lord had taken a primary part of Saul's life. What was overlooked was this: God's concern for brick and mortar is simple: if it helps accomplish the primary issue -- serving God's people.

This part of Samuel's writing offers 21st century leaders or wannabee leaders a genuine reality check. Which is more important: a stunning edifice or is it all about us, the people of God? Thankfully the spirit and documents of those called to Rome for the Second Vatican Council reaffirmed in our times that you and me, we are what is most important in the Church. Likewise, these same documents bring the dignity of every human being to even deeper realizations that had gradually been lost.