Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You As Excited? 1-28-10

The first reading continues the account from Samuel's heart about King David and his desire to be the king who constructs not only a temple, no ordinary edifice, to the glory and praise of the Lord. The author of one of the historical books of the Old Testament recounts what David said in his prayer to the Lord. David trusted God's promise but his words seem to reveal his humanity. How wonderful (or perhaps profitable!!!) it would be if God would provide him a divine proclamation about the great temple he would build, about the significance of the family lineage, the great house of David, and the dominance of his people, the house of Israel to be forever the Lord's. He was seeking a blessing from God that would clearly set him, his house and his people apart from all others forever.

Although his goal was noble, we might stand back and wonder at such grand-standing. Yet a look at the Responsorial Psalm, Psalm 132, is worth a reflective read, especially verses 3-5 (David's words).

3 I will not enter the house where I live, nor lie on the couch where I sleep; 4 I will give my eyes no sleep, my eyelids no rest, 5 Till I find a home for the Lord, a dwelling for the mighty one of Jacob.

In this psalm, a song of ascent, used in a liturgical ceremony, the singer is asking that God send his blessings upon King David. This great King was determined to provide a suitable place for God's house among the people.

These three verses well serve all of us today as one manner of evaluating how we make ready our "houses," our hearts, to be a dwelling place for God.

"When did I," you might ask yourself, "last think about how I make ready my 'house' for my God?" As each day begins, have I made it my practice to realize what is beginning as my feet hit the floor and determine how God will be within my heart for the remainder of the day?