Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breaking Loose 1 - 16 -2010

The writings of Samuel are a reminder that human nature has its good moments as well as its times of evil. Today's first reading invites us to recall and imagine the moment when Saul, the son of Kish, was anointed king. The prophet Samuel was certain that Saul was the man God wanted to be the king for Israel. For the son of Kish this would be a challenging commission from God. And he is not different than any of us.

For anyone beginning a new vocation, a new family relationship or a new job there are usually many moments of questioning and many instances of reflection upon the newness and God's purpose for the individual. What many might forget in imagining how success can be achieved is to recognize how powerful one's ego can become in new surroundings. Dr. Wayne Dyer, mentioned many times in these postings, provides a powerful description of ego: "... the part of us that has edged God out" (Excuses Begone!, p 227). It is the ego that can undermine great successes in our lives before we realize the trouble we might be in. Dyer cites Lao-tzu's insight that explains why some people always have challenges that are self-defeating habits: "As long as your shallow worldly ambitions exist, the door will not open" (p.227).

Seeking to understand the defeating ways of one's ego is at its roots an effort to understand how to connect to what is already within the soul. It is the effort to learn the principles God has given a person to be successful as the divine presence within wishes. The effort is truly an exercise in enlightenment -- that inner space where you are offered the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As we, that is each one of us, begins a new day, we have the opportunity to shed our old habits, those worldly ambitions that separate us from God -- our ego at work! Each new day we receive from the Holy Spirit the invitation to listen for divine guidance, divine inspiration and diving enlightenment. It is only in the land of ego, somewhat like the land of Oz, where we cannot find happiness or success because God has been edged out.