Monday, January 4, 2010

For January 2 210

John 1: 19-28 shares with us the reaction John the Baptist's preaching and teaching bring upon someone seeking to do what God wants.

As we know, John was neither appreciated nor believed by many.

Let us stop for a moment to ask this question of ourselves: Do I realize the times in my life when I can really make a difference? This is what the Baptist was attempting to bring about in his ministry, his vocation.

We are bringing to a conclusion another holiday season that has brought us to the altar once again in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Likewise it has brought us together with family and friends in conviviality and mutual support. These past weeks have surely been a time when you and I are confronted or questioned by others who wonder about our dedication to our faith. This is always a season when we have many opportunities to speak out what "I believe" means in life.

Photo: Susan Ballmann