Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting a Grip on Thinks 2-1-10

A Creighton University professor, speaking to a large audience says that today's readings can be expressed in one word: "beset." Let's say overwhelmed. And in our world today who does not feel overwhelmed. First, I suspect, most of us consider our own lives and the effects of living in such a fast-paced society. And we might think about others especially a loved one or dear friend who is carrying a genuine ton on his or her shoulders. Naturally a picture of a pensive President Obama or a concerned Pope Benedict XVI might say as much.

And we might question ourselves about who is responsible for our being overwhelmed? Is it me? Is it circumstances? Is it our letting negative people have too strong an impact in my life? We cannot overlook the reality often mentioned in these postings: we are human beings and just living the day-to-day life of a Christian is a challenge.

There was another Atlas picture I would like to have posted but it is copyrighted. More important were the words of a photographer who has a deeply spiritual mind and heart. She sees a statue of Atlas and says the work of art reminds her of something not so burdensome.

Trust in God's love and care. Trust that the Holy Spirit will grace you in the challenges of your life. Put the globe down. Skate on it. Let the world be the place where you can live your life as God wants you to live it. We were not sent into this world to be burdened all the time. On the feast day of the Sacred Heart we reflect on these words, "my burden is light, follow me." God is with me whenever I let his love and care lift me onto the shoulders of his son, the Good Shepherd.

Surely all of us have burdens but who is control of how we live our lives? Do we let the burdens become blocks of concrete that keep us locked to one spot? Or do we see burdens simply as another challenge that lets us see the caring love of God for us ... as an avenue, a means for us to deepen a relationship with a God who can easily lift any burden's weight from our shoulders. The burden might remain but God takes up the weight for us. Do you really believe this?

And shouldn't we be grateful that some artists have such a spirituality to remind us of some wonderful realities we might forget or overlook in our self-pity?