Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caught in Darkness

Jesus performed a number of miracles as signs for the people to believe in him and the Father because they came to believe, to see, to understand what was hidden from them.  The miracles have been called the luminous signs -- you might say they are expressions of the song of a few years back -- "You Light Up My Life."  Indeed, miracles, curing, raising the dead and other instances are for each of us moments when can bring ourselves into moments of serious discernment about ourselves and where we are on the journey of faith.

These miracles help us discern when our lives are caught in darkness.  Caught in darkness?  It happens  in almost everyone's life that our emotions set traps for us.  It is not terribly difficult for attachments to things and, especially, people attachments become like the heavy weight around the neck that brings us to our knees.  Even when we suspect that changes have to be made in our lives, there is so often the temptation to wear blinders, to have a ready excuse for whatever the attachment might be:  the latest computer gadget, the latest and best sneakers, and even, sadly, the attachment to another person -- all unhealthy attachments that are not recognized because of blindness.  One of the great failures of individuals is to be blind to the emotions to have, to possess, to manipulate because the items or people are perceived as mine.
All of us need to pray for the light that Jesus brought into the world, into our lives.  We have to examine our consciences to make sure we have not blinded our eyes from the light he shines on our weakening attachments.  We have to take the time on occasion to examine our consciences to make sure we have not put on the blinders to our weaknesses -- and almost all of us have them.  Jesus is the light that can lead us through the path of darkness and disappointment into his shine light.

By opening our hearts in quiet prayer with the Lord allows Jesus the Light to shine his brightness for us to see our weaknesses.