Friday, May 21, 2010

In the Strangest Places: Meet Your God

Today is Friday, another ending of a work-week for most.  Perhaps today's readings, especially the words of St. John may have significance since we are about to celebrate the feast of Pentecost this weekend.  Follow me, Jesus says to the disciples in on of his appearances to them.

Jesus may not be "appearing" to you as he appeared to the disciples, but he does appear to us each day in many ways.  As we make our faith journey each day it is similar to a waterway making its way to that end, an ocean, a bay, or a larger river.  All along that journey, people and events will offer encounters with Jesus if a soul and heart are allowed to speak within and are noticed.  If we listen, we will hear his voice, the same voice spoken to the disciples:  "Follow me!"

Think who you are and what you do.  Think about the people you have encountered in these last five days: at work, among friends, family and even strangers.  Think about some of the peculiar events or occasions that have occurred this past week.  In each of them there was the opportunity to follow the Lord Jesus.

How about the single mom or single dad, struggling each day to be the very best double-parent that he or she can be for the children?  Here is a meeting with Jesus who taught the sacredness of children.  Then think of the man or woman working excessive hours or two or even three jobs to keep his family as far removed from suffering want or need as possible.  Think of the young man or woman who might be struggling to answer the question "Who am I?"  Recall the telephone call you may have received or made that surprised you.   All we need do is STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.  The gift of the Holy Spirit will enable us to respond heartily to Jesus' invitation to the disciples and yourself:  "FOLLOW ME!"

It is an invitation we should not want to forget.  It is a calling to walk with the Son of God.