Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hidden Joys

Apologies for today's late entry:  once again computer difficulties where I live.

In today's gospel, Jesus repeats a reminder or admonition, "And your Father who sees in secret will repay you."  Rarely does he repeat the same words in one "teaching session" with his disciples.  Therefore, as any teach would indicate, we should take some time to determine what Jesus means.

In the reading Jesus is teaching the disciples about the abundance of true joy that comes to those who performs acts of love, acts of caring, especially when there is no desire to recognized for the good work that is performed.

Most parents might teach their children that it is good to help others.  However, not going out of our way to help others with any seeking any recognition for what we might do, will result in so much satisfaction.  Imagine Mother Theresa and all that she did that none will ever know.

Each of us in our lives have met men and women, even young people, who have an innate love of helping others and never thinking about any recognition.  These are truly happy people.  These are genuinely blessed human beings.

So, during these summer months, there seem to be so many different ways we are given to reach out to others to help them in their particular need ... even if it is just helping get ready for a family picnic.

Today consider how much your life can change if you trust what Jesus is teaching:  The Father will provide the reward you should receive and abundantly so.