Sunday, June 13, 2010

How Difficult Sharing Can Be

Today we encounter a rather unknown character of the Old Testament in the first reading.  His name is Naboth. Somewhat tragic figure, Naboth owned a piece of property that Ahab, the king, wanted.   However, mindful of his own ancestral ownership of the property, Naboth refused to give or sell the property to Ahab who become depressed.   So much so was that ill feeling, that his wife, Jezebel plotted to have Naboth killed in order for Ahab to have the property.  In time Elijah came to Ahab and told him of the terrible destruction that would come upon him and his kingdom because of Naboth's murder.  Immediately Ahab began a severe program of making atonement for the actions of his wife in arranging the death of Naboth.  God spoke to Elijah and told him to tell Ahab of God's plan to redirect his anger toward Ahab's son.

So what's it all about?  WHat should we take from this reading today?  We might ask ourselves what we have been given by God that is a true personal treasure ... just as the property was worthy so much more as an ancestral gift than the actual value of the property?  Some of us might think about a object of value.  Others might think of the human treasury in friends.  Would we easily give it to another person who might ask of it or who would try to "steal a friendship?"Giving up a possession, even a friendship, might be somewhat easier if we realize such a gift was from God and that sharing it would have great value because of we were gifted with that possession or friendship by God.