Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Way To Conquer Worry

In today's gospel, Jesus speaks about one of our human nature's most ordinary pains:  worrying.  How many times when growing up, did you you hear a parent say, "Don't worry about that"?  Yet, how many times during our lives has worry become a cross we so easily allow to happen?

No doubt there are many people day seeking a return to employment who worry about their future.  In our coastal southlands many worry about the ability of scientists and engineers  to control the bleed of an oil reserve beneath the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  There are serious issues in  people's lives today that are not easily set aside as if nothing were happening.

What Jesus is saying to the disciples in Matthew 6:34-34 is truly a challenge.  He is saying more than "Don't worry."  He is saying to us "Trust in me."

There is a difference between "worry" and "concern."  It would be difficult to believe that Jesus is giving all of us directions not to be concerned about our lives and our responsibilities.  What he is trying to teach us is that we must not allow "worry" to become a master in our lives, a controller that makes living almost unbearable.

Trust me!  Trust me!  This is his message to you and me today.

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