Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Call to Listen Intently

We return to the parable of the sower and the seeds.  This part of the parable speaks to us about the abundance of God's love and care for everyone, for every kind, every type ... for all his created people!  Seeds of his graces are spread over all his people.  However, Jesus does make clear that a successful "crop" comes through those who hear the Word of God and seek to understand it.  To learn fully what the Word of God is for us truly requires a sacrifice of us.  Time, time, time:  we say it runs in short supply in our world today.  Of course it does.  Why?  Because we have allowed ourselves to become slaves to hobs, projects, etc.  Who feels free enough to talk, to make 30 minutes each day to be with the Lord?

Be a genuine scrutinizer:  examine how you prioritize your daily schedule.  If there is no way you can find time for God, shouldn't tjere be a cause for concern?  Timing truly is everything!

If we want to know what God might be saying to us today, we need prophets.  In all honesty, don't they seem to be in short supply?  We could easily answer "Yes!"  But why is that the case?  Who takes time to listen to the messages God may be trying to send to us?

There seems to be a growing number of sensible folks who feel that so much of what is happening in our world today is the product of deafness -- our not hearing God speak to us!  Once we take the time to listen for God's voice  and honor him, we "will walk no longer in ... hard-hearted wickedness" (Jeremiah 3:17).