Friday, July 2, 2010

FOLLOW ME -- But It Is Not Easy!

Today's gospel, Matthew 9:9-13.  It would be much easier, some would say, to follow Jesus were he to walk up to their desks or to approach them on the street, or to speak to them when they were worshiping on the weekend.  Some might think Matthew had it easy.  Jesus, the came up to him and said "Follow me."  But, it was not all that easy.  Who was this young fellow?  "What were his credentials?" we would ask.  Nevertheless, the money man, Matthew, was willing to take a risk.

So, too, for you and me today.  We know this:  in all likelihood, that Jesus Christ will not walk up to our desks, stop by the house for a cup of coffee, make a telephone call to you, and, oh how sad, will not send you or me a text message!

At least that is what we think.  HOWEVER, consider this:  the little child, who is all innocence, asks you a question while you are in line at the grocery store.  Consider this:  the telephone call you receive from a long lost friend but at a time when you are doing something you think is really important.  Consider this:  the woman walking down Wisconsin Avenue, pulling a cart with what you think is junk, she shabbily dressed, clearly a "street person."  And so many other situations:  the co-worker who asks you to fill in for him/her for about a half hour; the teenager "wearing the signs of his/her times" who is rebelling in your house; the parishioner who is "barking" about the Archbishop or the Pastor.

If you encounter any of these or more than one -- you are a very blessed individual: Jesus Christ has come to you, asking you to follow him in the person or situation you have encountered.  Are you and I of an awareness in our souls that God sends his Son to us even today but wearing different labels on the clothing!
And don't forget, you can find Jesus with you in the car as you sit in the long lines of traffic going to and coming back from a holiday weekend in Ocean City, Bethany or Rehoboth!!!  And you don't have to open you mouth.  Just listen.  If you do, you will hear the same words Matthew heard:  "Follow me."

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.