Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thursday: Like Clay in the Potter's Hands

Jeremiah's writing now brings us from meaning and groaning, gloom and doom to different recollection of "messages" from Yahweh.  He recalls that God directed him the the pottery barn! There he was watch carefully what the hands of the artist would do.  He could take a clump of clay and make an object, any object.  If he is not satisfied with the result, he does not toss the clay away.  Rather, as Jeremiah, wrote:  "he tried again."  The artist would create "another object of whatever sort he pleased."  A potter, throwing pots, demonstrates persistence.  He shows great patience.

A potter, throwing pots, demonstrates persistence.  He shows great patience.  But most of all he allows creativity to spring forth from a spinning wheel.  Read below before starting the YouTube insert.

Yahweh reminds Jeremiah:  I am the potter.  Watch what I can do?  Israel take note:  I have been disappointed and thus so much chaos and destruction in the Kingdom of Judah.  But I do not throw away all that the great kingdom was.  I will remake it into the kingdom to my liking.

As so with ourselves:  image what God can do with us if we let him!  Imagine again:  when we fail, God can easily reshape us.  Isn't every new venture in your life a moment when God has you  on his spinning wheel?  As you watch the clump of clay take shape, imagine different moments in your life when you have changed, tried to change.  Think this:  today God is doing this very exercise with your life as he calls you to follow him wherever it may lead.