Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trusting with the Power of Nothingness

Once again we might imagine Jesus speaking in these words:  "Do you understand; do you believe me -- I will always be with you."  These words could well be what the Holy Spirit had planted in the minds and hearts of Jeremiah and Matthew that we encounter in today's readings.

Are there not times when hope and confidence wane in your heart?

You have hear and read the word "covenant."  How meaningful is that word in your heart, your operative thinking vocabulary?  It is, as presented in Jeremiah, an astounding reality.  "I will place my law within them, and write it upon their hearts."  Well, it seems that Yahweh was quite serious about the word:  writing it upon our hearts!

The "covenant" relationship has been with each of us since the day we were conceived.  It is a reality we didn't worry about while we were in the "nothingness" of our being, still within the mind of God.  But on the day you were conceived, it became the agreement between you and God who was sending you on a unique mission.  It continues until the day your return to the "nothingness" from which we came to be with God in our truly "spiritual nothingness."  Hence the picture taken by an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory.