Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday: What is Better Than Our Faith?

Yesterday's blog posting brought forward a major question that focused on the strength of one's faith.  Today, the readings explode that question with words and thoughts that force a deeper examination of personal commitment to the faith.  It is the faith professed at every Sunday liturgy in the words of the Creed we recite as well as each Easter Sunday and every time we participate in a Baptism rite.

Do we have the faith of an Abrahan and Sarah?  Which was?  Principally a trust that God would fulfill his promise to them: they lived in the promised land; a long-desired child came in their advanced age; and that same son was given back when God tested their faith.

So why do we live in what seems like a never-ending and ever-deepening recession?  Why is the lack of money mow so much the cross we are made to carry?  Why is deprivation of "the good life"?  Why does God seem unconcerned about today's worldly mess?

Our Church tries to teach us that we need the faith of Abraham.  When some reject that course of action, that proposed journey of faith, can we not ask this question:  And where have greed, infidelity, stepping away from God brought our world, our nation, our families, our personal lives?

True faith requires of us today that we see beyond having material realities controlling our lives, our cultures.  We need to return to a lifestyle where what we do, what we say, what we teach others are based upon and spring forth from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our grand challenge today is to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, one who openly professes a strong faith.