Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday: Come Holy Spirit

Once again Sacred Scriptures invites us to stop and consider the place of the Holy Spirit in your life.  St. Mark's words, used in today's liturgy might be frightening to some because, it seems, there is a sin that cannot be forgiven.  Immediately some folks with begin to worry about their own destiny after death.  "But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never have forgiveness, but is guilty of an everlasting sin" (Mark 3:29-30).

Jesus tells those listening to him and especially to the scribes who are challenging his miraculous healings that if they indeed could not give credence to the very healings they had witnessed and were saying that Jesus was possessed by Satan then they had to face a serious question:  how could they give their credence to the salvation that Jesus had offered them?

So we have to believe that there are for most human beings moments when we wonder if Jesus can forgive all sins.  Here is the answer.  Yes, he truly is the Father's gift of forgiveness to anyone who truly believes that Jesus Christ truly is Lord and Savior.  If a person cannot accept that reality, then there is a difficulty with accepting the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' life.

So, as mentioned in Sunday's reflection, it is so important that we get beyond "knowing about Jesus" to "knowing Jesus."  Place yourself at the end of the pier in the picture ... petition the Holy Spirit to bring you to a deeper faith ... an stronger relationship with the Son of God, your Lord and Savior.  And while you are sitting there, don't forget this:  The Holy Spirit wants so much to be a part of your life.  He knows when you need wisdom, when you need peace and, most specially, when you need strength.

Come Holy Spirit, God.  Come into my life today when I there are temptations that challenge my knowing well Jesus Christ.  Never let me become a person lacking in the wonderful gift of compassion.  Finally, I pray that I will never reject or ignore your voice in my heart, no matter how silently you speak to me.  Amen.