Tuesday, June 28, 2011

906: Wednesday  Sts Peter and Paul

(El Greco)

Surely we recognize Peter and Paul as two remarkable persons in the early days of our Church.  We have to recognize them as remarkable persons in the Church today -- if we take the time to read their writings and consider all that they managed to bring about during their lifetimes.

Consider these thoughts:
1.  Their backgrounds.  A fisherman and a tent maker become the two leading figures in a Church founded by Jesus Christ. And one of these detested the Christians.

2.  Their personalities.  Surely Peter was a man few would have chosen to be a leader of a major organization that was charged with changing the world.  Without any doubt Paul was a man whose spirit was driven by a purpose.

3.  Their successes.  Peter did much to bring the new Church to others and to serve as a reasonably successful leader of the Apostles after Jesus died.  Paul clearly stood out as a firebrand who was totally committed to his mission.  Imagine what our Church might have become had Peter and Paul not taken to the preaching trail.

Today as we celebrate their joint feasts day recall this:  despite each man's distinct martyrdom, neither allowed the storms to sink their boats, as it were.  These two men gave so much of themselves to build strong walls of support for the early Church.  Where would we be today without them?