Monday, June 13, 2011


Today the Church honors a Portuguese priest, a Franciscan friar, St Anthony of Padua.  A powerful preacher, Anthony achieved this skill after spending some time living in a hermitage.  There he deepened his own spirituality.  Little did he realize how God's plan had brought him to Padua for a specific purpose.  He was content in his hermitage but after St. Francis of Assisi died, Anthony was assigned to Padua.  His time in Padua were a witness to his noteworthy impact upon the people of Padua earned by his preaching.  His life story is very interesting and worthy of a read.

In today's first reading St Paul writes in words that are a reflection of Anthony's life.  As you read these words, select the circumstances that might apply to you.

We are called impostors, yet we are truthful;
no bodies who in fact are well known;
dead, yet here we are always rejoicing;
poor, yet we enrich many.
We seem to have nothing, yet every this is ours!
2 Cor 6: 8-10