Saturday, June 18, 2011


Again we confront genuine, there's-nothing-like-it mystery in our Church.  The reality of the Holy Trinity!  A power-packed mystery:  engaging not just God but God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  It's easy to understand that there are three persons in this God ... but then there is that phrase "the one God."  It is something like God has pitched us a curve ball.  It crosses home plate in exact center but so fast we cannot even begin to say "well .... it looked like... ugh .... well it sure went passed me so fast I cannot even begin to tell what it is."  This is the one mystery that the greatest minds cannot solve ... and they never will be able to solve it.  Let's simply say "it's not in the books for human minds to understand divine mysteries."  No matter how purposefully and carefully we might pray on this mystery, regardless how often we turn to great spiritual writings or Church teachings, we are not going to solve this spiritual Sudoko challenge.

Sometimes we try to develop a simple "well it is like or something like ..... well, like this."  There is me or is it there is I.  There is none other than me driving this thinking process at the moment as you read.  There is at the same time the reflective thought taking place in my mind and heart.  But I cannot draw a picture of what is going on in those two powerful parts of how God made me.  Even an MRI or a Cat Scan cannot depict for you or for me what is going on.  But there is a process happening that is putting these words on my computer screen.  So ... me, process, reflection.  But now you are reading with your eyes the words I write, the product of my mind and heart.  You may understand most of what I write but then you just might not fully understand all that I am thinking.  Two people, using the same language but not achieving a duplication  of one thought.  Yet what I write I do so to help you (and me as well).  I hope you can draw ever closer the God who created each of us.  I also want to draw you closer to the mystery of the Trinity.  I do this not to help you solve the puzzle of the Trinity that is beyond Sudoko proportions.

Now if this reflection does not help you understand this mystery, I have succeeded.  We just cannot achieve that.  If anything, this exercise can, hopefully, help you realize that we have a God who is at the same time three persons but not three Gods and we cannot solve that mystery.  But we can pray to God, our Creator as well as to God our Father, to God the Son and to God the Holy Spirit.  A bountiful mystery when you stop to think about it:  three in one!!!  In all seriousness, I do hope this posting is something of a mind and heart opener for you.  Happy Trinity Sunday fellow travelers.