Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 3, 2011

The Lost Sheep
Part of door into St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
Photo -Steve J. Danko

In today's readings we are reminded of our relationship to God.  From the first reading (Romans) and the gospel (Luke) we hear once again how important we are to God.  We belong to him.  Jesus' example of the jubilation the shepherd has when just one of his sheep goes AWOL.  There is not punishment for the errant beast when it is found.  Rather it is picked up and carried on the should.  Can you imagine the bounce that must have been obvious in the shepherd's walk as he bring the one that walked aw back to the flock?  Clearly the shepherd realized the value of just one member of his flock -- he throws a party because the lost one was back in the community of sheep.

Think of this for a few moments today:  when anyone might sin seriously an walk away from God, imagine the joy in God's heart when the sinner returns -- God gave his Son to the cross just to redeem even one sinner.

Let us pray today first for those who have, through sin, left Jesus' flock that they might confess their sinfulness and rejoin Jesus and the flock.  Secondly pray for a strengthened awareness of how important you are to God.  Look at the reason God loves you.  Do you have a love for yourself that is in any way even slightly comparable?  Honestly loving yourself is the shortcut to loving God as he deserves from each of us.