Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Origin and Destiny
(Photo from Daily Theme)

From today's first reading of of the daily liturgy your read or hear a word we may not consider all that often.  Yet, it is a key that can open a genuine treasury.  The word?  Imperishable!

Surely many might wish to be imperishable but humankind does not consider an individual life as never-ending.  But that "word": what does it say to us today?

As we draw towards the end of this current liturgical year, the readings are reminders that our earthly existence is but one stage in a person's full (imperishable) life.  In these final days we are instigated to consider our origin and purpose:  whence our beginning and ultimately where are we going?

Hopefully our reflections will bring us to realize how blessed each of us is.  We are created by God as a unique individual.  It is our gift we receive from the Holy Spirit as well as our Church and the teachings from our parents to realize how unique each of us is.  Our dignity as a human person springs from the reality that we are God's creations.  Each of us, regardless of race or creed, was created by God.  Likewise each of us was created to return to God.  That is our ultimate purpose -- through the life we live we earn an eternal gift of the continuation of the imperishable character given us by the divine Creator.