Friday, December 23, 2011

The first reading of today's liturgy from the writings of the prophet Malachi truly is worthy of a second or third reading.  Reflect on these words in particular:

For he is like the refiner's fire ...
and will purify the sons of Levi.

The Messiah, the long-awaited Savior, will come and make the people of Israel free to offer sacrifices that will again be please to Yahweh.

So, in our day, in our personal search for the sacred, what do the prophet's words mean to you, to me?  Actually we might ask ourselves today "Who is the Malichi in my life today?  Each day for sure there are God-sent messengers to each of us.  These heralds come into our lives to awaken our souls.  In particular, what message(s) is God sending you way as you make ready to celebrate the reality of our redemption?  Jesus was born years ago but today his coming reminds us that we are indeed a blessed people, a gifted people, a people given abundance of graces ... if we take the time to discover the message that is born in our hearts today and each day of our lives.

By the way "Happy Birthday" to a loyal reader who
celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday!
Many blessings be yours, Mary!