Monday, January 9, 2012

The Baptism of Jesus

Today, as we recall Jesus' baptism by John, we should consider the significance of this event as it relates to our own lives.  We have celebrated once again Jesus' coming among us as man.  Today we are reminded that the Son of God is also to be known and understood as the Son of Man.  This is Mark's introduction to us of the Public Ministry of Jesus.  Now Jesus is actively teaching and preaching the message the Father sends to each of us.

Jesus is now identified with us as another human being.  He is also taking upon himself our human limitedness and our sin.  He takes on the consequences of our sins even to the point of his severely violent suffering and death on the cross.

His entrance into the waters of John's baptismal actions is a moment of change.  The waters of our life are changed into the water of new life, his life.  He gives to us the "springs of salvation" (Is 12).  This event reminds us that the ordinary is now more than just ordinary.  The daily grind of our lives is impacted by the presence of Jesus in our lives.