Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent 2012 -- Ash Wednesday

First for your consideration:  the photo above.  I have treasured moments like the open pictured above.  Alone in God's nature.  Each white capped wave, another grace from God in my prayer.  It will be the picture posted with each blog during the season of Lent.  It will be the get-away place for your prayer each days during the journey we begin today.  Enjoy!  As Ignatius Loyola would say:  before you start your prayer place yourself in a particular scene.  Listen to it.  In this case hear the wave that makes its way to shore.  Smell the air, the salt, the freshness.  Look at the artistic picture God has painted on his horizon just for you.  Imagine yourself sitting on a small bench, free of distractions, free to accept into your hearts His presence that surrounds you, that pours itself out upon you.  Do this each day.  Do this each time you pray.

As you enter the Lenten Season today and take your first steps on your journey to Easter Sunday, there is one practice that you should keep in mind throughout the days of Lent:  BE YOURSELF.  Promise yourself each day that you will do all you can to draw closer to Jesus Christ.  However, never let whatever sacrifices or gifts that make up your Lent become a reality that you use to draw attention to yourself.  Just open yourself to the Holy Spirit in these days.

Remember some of these words from today's readings:  "return to me," "rich in kindness," "stirred to concern."  These words portray Jesus' reasons for being here on this earth.  Use these phrases to set the initial tone or theme that you want for the days ahead.  

Enjoy going to this hidden beach where you can be along with your God as you seek to return to him, to understand his kindness and to bath in his concern for you.

A little spiritual reading for your first days of Lent: 

During this season of Lent
Oremus pro invicem!
(Let us pray for one another!)