Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012

Let me start with apologies for missing Monday and Tuesday postings.  Computer troubles that were resolved, I hope, this evening.

We are in a lenthy number of readings from the Epistle of St. James.  It might be worth the time to check the Bishops' Conference home site and then select Bible.  Then select St. James' letter in the later part of the New Testament readings.  There is a worth reading description of the letter and its theme and salient issues.

In today's reading there are more than just one or two topics that can be used as material for reflection and prayer.  In this section of the letter we come to what James' intention was in writing this letter:  to teach us that genuine faith needs to be evident in our actions.  Linked to this is James' belief that what we learn from Jesus' teachings in the gospels is also important:  for James it was that accepting what Jesus taught is the cause of true freedom in our hearts.

I did not notice until late this evening that this posting is the 1000th reflection under the name of Prayer on the Hill.  Join me in thanking God that he invited me to bring his words to those who have followed these postings.  I have found it a tremendous blessing and inspiration.  It is truly humbling when I hear from friends and others I do not know that something that was produced by my prayer and reflection has helped another person overcome a problem, discover a sought after resolution to a decision, or simple comfort when in pain.  This is great joy for me today.  Thank you, Lord.