Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent - 2-12

The Moses Code
The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool 
in the History of the World
James F. Twynam

As we close the fourth week of Lent, I propose a small activity that I came upon while slowly working my way through Twynam's interesting book.  It is an activity that fits into the closing weeks of the Lenten journey.

In the chapter tittled Reality vs. Imagination, the author offers an exercise, which, like the others in the interesting and rewarding presentation, have made me take serious time writing and reflecting on my own spirituality.  The specific exercise for the 5th chapter is related to "The Law of Giving and Receiving."  Twynam starts off with this question:  "What happens if you offer to rub your partner's back, who gladly accepts, but then doesn't off to return the favor?"  Of course there might be the sense of rejection or not caring.  Why?  Twynam suggests that what is feeling hurt is your Ego.  Most of us don't do something for someone else without at least some sense of "What's in it for me?"  It is almost always that there is some presence of the Ego, felt or sublimated.  Ego is always with us.

Twynam suggests that if there is a goal that we are seeking, let's use is example, like happiness.  Who of us does not wish to be happy?   His direction to you if that is your goal, then the more you make it your effort to bring happiness to others, the more you will enjoy happiness in your life.  He believes that the unrewarded back rub may not arrive from the person you expected to return the favor but that felt need may come home to you from a "direction you didn't expect."  

The challenge today would be to focus on what your really want in your life.  While it may be a cruise vacation or a large screen TV to watch the craziness of March Madness, what is missing in these desires is the care of your soul.  The Ego will not be satisfied on a ship nor in front of a TV.

Select one quality you would like to accept into your life on this Saturday, which here in the metropolitan DC area is damp, chilly, cloudy and foggy.  Take that quality, happiness as an example, that you would like, and look for ways you can bring that same sought after quality, happiness, into the lives of someone you know well or even someone you really don't know all that well.

Giving what you desire for yourself to others is, Twynam teaches, a sure means of receiving the same gift for your life.  Once you have done this for one or several people, take a few moments to look at yourself.  How do I feel now?  Most likely, I am sure, you will be smiling, and feeling happy because you have reached out and touched someone, as a telephone advertisement noted some years ago.  Imagine you're calling a elderly relative who might be so lonely on a day like today.  Imagine calling someone in the hospital.  Visiting the sick.  What could be better activities during this season of Lent.

Thank you, James F. Twynam!