Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday in the Fifth Week of Lent - 2012

In this gospel story there is buried within the various sentences and the event that Jesus encounters a reminder that is of particular importance to almost all of us.  The hidden reminder is related to the word "conversation."  Isn't it obvious that had the Pharisees and scribes taken time to talk with Jesus perhaps the many encounters with Jesus would have been reduced.  Conversation is the tool that helps individuals deal with one another.

What does this reading say to us?  After a little nudging by the Holy Spirit, I believe the dialog and its style reminded me that I should look at my daily "prayer."  Why?  Because so often the thirst to "know," can become the primary way that I come to Jesus.  Questions like "What did Jesus mean?"  "Where" is Jesus leading me?"  Do all the gospel writers record this event?  Many other similar questions can be considered.

It is important to know about Jesus.  All knowledge is important.  However, knowledge is not conversation.  Knowledge is not dialog.  The gospel reading reminded me that what is important for all of us is our effort to have conversations with Jesus.  It is through the conversations that we are going to know more about ourselves and our relationship with Jesus.