Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday in the Second Week of Easter

The Photographic Theme 
Now we are on a personal spiritual journey to Pentecost Sunday.
The image above was designed at Georgetown University, Washington, DC.
Artist unknown.

Once again we encounter Nicodemus and his private meeting with Jesus.  Remember this man was a Pharisee.  His meeting with Jesus privately took place at night more likely than not at night because he may not have wished his talk with this young preacher be known.  Perhaps he came to Jesus at night because the Holy Spirit awakened his heart after darkness.
Clearly Nicodemus was an older man.  When he asked Jesus how he could improve his life, he was surprised that Jesus spoke to him about being reborn again.  How could an older person do such a thing?  We know what Jesus taught him.  To be given a new birth, in a spiritual sense, is to achieve a new life in God's kingdom.
What Jesus taught Nicodemus is also a message for us today regardless of our age.  If you are lie me, perhaps you will recognize that the Holy Spirit has or has tried to bring you to yet another rebirth, another awakening to God's will for you at a particular time in your life.  Some might question this: how do I know these moments?
The Nicodemus story may well have occurred at night ... in darkness because his soul was seemingly in darkness and he was seeking the light.  When anyone finds a particular time of "darkness" in life, usually it happens because the soul has come into a moment of separation from the mission that God wants in that person's life.

During the days of our spiritual journey in the Easter Season, let at least one goal be a daily effort to allow ourselves to be "reborn" through the Holy Spirit to the mission that God has entrusted to each of us at this time in life.