Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday of Easter Week - 2012

The two readings may seem at first to be unrelated.  Yet, in them there is a message for me that I wish to share with you this morning.  Again, for me, it is a part of the following in the footsteps of Jesus.  Like Peter and John and like the two distraught disciples of Jesus, these men are similar to the day-to-day life that I live and most likely like most of you who read these words live.

How many times have I allowed my mind and heart to be taken by a search of temporal goods?  Peter and John are a reminder that the Word of God is so much more rewarding.

How many times have I allowed my mind and heart to be taken by doing things?  The two distraught disciples walking away from Jerusalem are a reminder that there are times when doing has to be put aside and I need to listen to what is in Sacred Scripture.

Where are the words of today's readings and Jesus' teachings leading me today?  Do I truly want to be healed of distractions that lead me away from Jesus Christ?  I am willing to make changes in my life that are spoken to me by the Word in Sacred Scripture?  Do I take the time to assure myself that what happened to the crippled man and the frightened disciples can happen in my life?  Look at the picture for a few moments with these questions in mind.  You may find yourself walking beside those same foot prints ,,, knowing that you are walking with the Great Healer, the Word Himself.