Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday in the Eighth Week of Ordinary Time

Mark 10:28-31

The Gospel today continues the event of one person seeking the kingdom of God but being stymied by his  worldly goods.  Peter speaks for the apostles again assuring Jesus that they have surrendered so much to follow him.

In essence Jesus' reply is simple:  if you give up possessions to him me, you will be blessed with an abundance of gifts.  Giving up or surrendering what impedes your experiences of your faith and the gospels of Jesus Christ results in an abundance of treasure.

What does Jesus mean with his response to Peter's statement?  Again, a lengthy statement that might be reduced to "end the controlling powers of possessions and you will experience the new resources that God will provide."  Let me share a story that might make this so very real.

Several years ago a friend called.  She was seeking advice concerning a request from her Pastor.  The good Father, clearly moved by the Holy Spirit to help the young woman follow the path that would lead to so much goodness, had asked her to consider becoming a part of the parish's RCIA program.  Her immediate feelings were to take a pass on the request because it would require her not being free when she returned to her apartment on the night(s) she would have to be with the RCIA team.  The advice was simple:  "He must trust you.  Do you think the Holy Spirit would put him on your trail if there would be disaster.  Try it.  You just might like it."

Some several months later, she called again.  "I have to tell you what has happened to me.  I gave it to the request!  It was not easy.  God did not make it easy.  The night of the sessions is the one night that was always glued to my TV!  But I accepted the invite.  Now a few months later I am elated you had good advice for me.  What a sense of fulfillment and happiness I have come to experience in being a mentor for those who are seeking to follow Jesus Christ in our Church.  I have made wonderful new friendships.  Come to know my team and the treasures they are.  The sacrifice of one special evening  has done so much for me.  I am embarrassed to think that I would have said "no" had you not given me an opening to a new pathway.  My own faith has so come alive through those seeking to have what I have taken for granted for so many years."

Enough said.  Think about this.