Monday, September 17, 2012

Twenty-fourth Week
Ordinary Time

The life of a Christian is marked by the challenge of faith.  I presume there is scarcely a day in a Christian's life that does not test one's faith.  Consider the experience of faith that the centurion exhibits in the account of St. Luke.  Seriously, place yourself in the experiences of that man.  Imagine yourself and your tax accountant.  Surely, if you have such assistance, you know this  person is very valuable to you  and your life.  This man or woman, your trust, will do all that is  possible and legal to save your every penny from a tax burden.  Mow put yourself on a March 31st.  You learn that the accountant confidant is injured seriously in a car accident.  What can you do?  No doubt you would probably say, "Good God what am I going to do now and what is the accountant going to do?"  At this moment could you easily put yourself before God and place everything of your life in his hands ... without seriously worrying about the future and your relationship with the IRS?

The exercise of one's faith is indeed an act that requires much strength.  Who is there among us who can give up an illusion of control?  Every act of faith is indeed a leap into the humanly unknown.

Perhaps during the moments that test our faith, we might remember St. Ignatius' prayer:

Take, Lord, and receive my liberty
my memory, my understanding
and my ENTIRE will,
All that I have and call my own
You have given to me.
Everything is yours.
Give me only your love, your grace,
possessing these is enough
for me.