Sunday, December 16, 2012

Third Week of Advent
December 17, 2012

Our nation continues to live in what many might think an artificial world following the senseless murder of 26 innocent men, women and children.  Every radio and commentator has put forward a personal explanation of what we must do.  Even our President in a moving address to the nation on Friday called for a dialog, a necessary conversation.  In the minds of many people, we should be punishing the NRA to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Let me share my personal suggestion to address something that needs to be considered.  I am sure I am not the only writer with these thoughts.

Our national conversation must address the moral and ethical  issues that are so scarce among us.  We need face the fact that the number of guns in our homes, offices, cars, trucks is far too great.  Why do we need so many guns?  What do  our young people learn from personal arsenals kept in home?  Violence: this is what marks us in the  times.

Violence leads to the casual use of guns to kill another person.  What violence?  Do we  consider the physical abuse inflicted upon children by parents?  Do we consider the physical abuse inflicted upon spouses?

When we begin to face the fact that there are serious crimes that we accept as "somewhat okay" in our society.  Likewise why doesn't the national conversation focus upon the absence of the Ten Commandments.  I firmly believe that God will not hesitate to judge each of us on the Commandments regardless of whether we attended Catholic, private or public schools.  Perhaps our national leaders might give serious consideration to these violations of the rights of a human being.

These are certainly national sins, national failures we should bring our moments of prayer.