Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

December 31, 2012

As a native Washingtonian, I would be completely remiss
were I not to write
"Hail to the Redskins, 
Hail Victory,
Braves on the warpath
Fight for old DC!""

And maybe we should request
Robert Griffin III 
to stop by the US Capitol Building today
to work his magic
with the men and women
elected to serve the people of the United States!
This young man is clearly a leader 
who has pulled millionaires together
producing a winning team!!!
Maybe the could produce a winning team
on the Hill!
It never hurts to hope for the seemingly impossible!

Now to a few end-of- ear reflective moments.

After the excitement of a significant game for the Washington Redskins, I decided despite the hour I needed to find some calming influence.  Fortunately a Christmas gift that came my way is "Just call me Lopez" written by Margaret Silf.  Except for the small picture on the cover, I do not think the subject matter would have come to mind so swiftly.  So, I decided to finish the wonderful presentation by Margaret Silf of her story about Ignacio Lopez de Loyola.  The writer invites the reader "to meet, and engage with, one of God's pieces of broken glass."  I cannot encourage a better read for the end and beginning of an old and a new year on this New Year's Eve morning.  It was well near 2 AM when I sat alone with Jesus in the Hermitage chapel so moved by the presentation of a story I know so well but never so well written for our modern times.  I do hope your new year's early days includes the read of this moving rendition of a saint so very important to me since 1955.

Today is a moment in your life when you might look backward and forward.  To prepare any serious "resolutions" for the new year, one must look over the shoulder at two realities: how good the "good God" has been and how disappointed he might be in one's performance during the last 12 months.

Consider, if you will, the many graces that God has given of his abundance to you and your loved ones.  Do more than just a rapid glance backwards.  Seriously consider how many blessings God has given you ... despite that financial difficulties and other crosses you may have been asked to carry during these past twelve months.  I know God has gifted me with so many kindnesses from family and friends.  I realize, too, how many times my words from the altar and from this medium have impacted the lives of many people, from moments of dying to resolutions to remain faithful to the Church despite painful experiences.  I know, too, the crosses I have had to shoulder were extraordinary gifts God has given to me, keys that have helped me open my mind and heart to his wishes for me.  In particular I think of the infliction (if that is such a word) of "shingles."  Nothing has ever been as painful and continues so during the health months following the attack.  Yet, it has given me the time to be restful and quiet; time to read, time to reflect upon God's wishes for me in the present and in all the tomorrow's that I will call New Year's Day.

It is a time for serious thanksgiving now that our annual series of celebrations is almost at an end.  Likewise it is the moment when that backwards reflection should lead me to know what it is that God wants of me in the months and their days the lie ahead for me.  Surely as my head began to bob very early this morning, I was alert enough to know that I had to pray to be opened to the ways that God would make his presence and his will know to me in this new year.  Lord God, continue to shower your abundance upon me, my family, my friends:  these will be your instruments leading me to a better understanding of your will.

To each of you, my readers, I thank you because you stir me to compose these thoughts each day.  Likewise, I  offer a special prayer that God will be as generous to you as He will be to me in the new year -- and I know He will.