Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013, Tuesday

Throughout the presentation of the Inaugural Address, President Obama made many remarks that made me consider whether the Holy Spirit truly was with the man as he prepared his speech.  Throughout the day, as I listened to the various TV news personalities make their observations about the Address, I heard the same thought being expressed.  Yet, to me the TV folks seemed reluctant to use the word biblical or spiritual to describe some of the remarks.

Perhaps, because the subject is one that opens up challenges to politicians, neither the President nor the TV anchors seemed willing to mention the Pro Life stance that is so much a concern for people in the USA today.

At this time of each year, thousands arrive in DC for something other than an Inauguration of the recently elected President.  These supporters come to give their support to the care of unborn children.

On this day, let us make time to pray for the unborn children.  Furthermore, let us pray for the women, especially the young girls who are contemplating going not for help but for the removal of the problem through an abortion.

As happens on occasion, the visitors who come to speak out against abortion through their presence in our city are confronted with snow, sleet or bitter cold.  Nevertheless these committed individuals do not stand back from the winds and chills of the march to the Supreme Court to express their opposition to abortion.  Let us pray for them and their committment to the voice of the Holy Spirit they recognize in their hearts.

Each of us can ask ourselves:  "Where do I stand in this matter?  What value do I give to the life of the unborn child that is living peacefully within its mother's womb? "