Monday, February 25, 2013

Avoiding the Spurious!

As mentioned since several Sunday before Lent took off for us, my goal during this season is to bring us to recognize how Jesus tried throughout his active ministry to teach us what is truly best for us.  Of course that would mean we need to listen to what he is saying in the various gospels we will read before Holy Week.  Furthermore, I believe that if we truly can deal with Jesus as someone who is not just my God and judge but who is also my friend, we will find ourselves living in abundance of peace of heart and soul.

So what is the "message" in today's gospel event which we have heard many times in our own lifetimes?  What is it he is attempting to teach us that is, once learned, truly the gift of a real friend?  Don't get hung up on those old "phylacteries" or the different titles Jesus tells them to avoid.  What Jesus is saying to those who are able to speak to him as friend is simple:  don't get caught being perceived as spurious.  This is a polite or at least and less obvious word for "phony."  He is saying to those who listen to him:  don't get hung up with trying to be someone you are not!  Don't try to impress:  just live with what you have and have been given by the Father.

I am not afraid of saying that most of us probably can recall times when, for one reason or another, we felt embarrassed to admit who or what we are.  We would rather try to present a false image of ourselves.  Again Jesus is saying to those who dare to listen intently and to allow his words to sink into their hearts that life would be so much more enjoyable and peace-filled if we were not afraid of being what God made us to be.  And, how much truer to ourselves we would be if we made sure we removed the shackles of a sinful lifestyle if such is the case.  It is rare when people do not see through us if we are being spurious, trying to be something we think is so much better than ourselves.

Let Jesus talk with you today.  First, however, examine your life, asking this question:  "Do I project who I really am or do I try to make others believe that the person I try to make myself to be is far from the person Jesus knows I am?"  If that question is honestly faced, conversation with Jesus will be one shared with a true friend who only wants to make us a remarkable product of God's love.